Cell Story Liquid Microneedling

CELLSTORY PLUS Meso-Care is a professional – only safe and hygienic eight-step skin regeneration program that utilizes innovative Microspear®, which can be described as liquid microneedles, to awaken the skin’s energy. Fifty thousand Microspear® micro needles are delivered deep into the skin, eliminating dead skin cells naturally to restore glossiness and vitality. CELLSTORY PLUS Meso-Care helps to improve wrinkles, texture, and elasticity, as well as brightens the skin, equalizes skin tone, and enhances the skin’s barrier. The system features a 20 amino acid complex to provide energy and nourishment and is made without harmful preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial fragrance.

Hands down this is the most innovative technology with clinically proven results in skin transformation procedures goes far beyond the limits of ordinary facial treatment. This treatment from Korea will smooth the skins surface, suppress the formation of wrinkles, the skin will be radiant, supple and hydrated. Effectively heals acne scars and suppresses pigment spots. Results are visible within 72 hours after application.

What Is Cell Story?

Cell story is the newest form of meso-therapy without needles. Instead, cell story uses a needle-like main ingredient called spicules. Spicules are micro-sized proteins that make up marine sponges. Cell story is unique by coating its hydrolyzed marine sponge (Spicules) with a “Yellow Calming Complex”, this combination is their patented composition called Micro-Spear®.

Cell story is an innovative 8 step program that includes top ingredients in korean skincare with Micro-Spear® technology. Ingredients include; Growth Factors, Plant Stem Cells, Amino Acid Complex’s, Centella, Panthenol (B5), Yellow Calming Complex, and more. Ingredients like growth factors and stem cells do not have the metabolic weight to naturally penetrate the skin barrier. Cell Story is unique by using Micro-Spear® technology to improve the skins absorption rate.

Cell Story treatment program is a recommended 4 treatments once a week for best results.

Cell Story® treatments can be used on the face to improve melasma, fine lines & wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, hydration, and tighten skin.

You will see results immediately after your treatment, maximum results after 72 hours. Optimal results are seen with a complete Cell Story® program of 4 treatments, one week apart.

Cell Story® has a mild discomfort during one out of 8 steps of the treatment

Yes, this treatment is right for everyone looking to improve their skin. Book a consult to learn more about the benefits for your skin.

You will leave glowing with slight redness. Some will experience redness during the first 24 hours. It is recommended to avoid sweating, heat, and oil based skincare for 72 hours after your treatment.