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  • Face Reality Calming Facial Toner – 6 fl oz


    Calming Facial Toner is a gentle toner containing ingredients with soothing, hydrating and moisturizing properties.  Key ingredients include Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Rose Flower Water, Allantoin, and Bisabolol.

    This versatile toner is appropriate for dry or normal skin.   It is safe use on skin prone to all types of acne and can also be used on skin that is not prone to acne.

  • Face Reality Moisture Balance Toner – 6 fl oz.


    Moisture Balance Toner is a fragrance-free toner that offers intense moisturization and is a good choice for skin that is dehydrated from using active products or dealing with harsh weather.  Key ingredients with moisturizing and hydrating properties include Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium PCA, Fructooligosaccharies, and Glucosamine (D).

    This toner is appropriate for chronically dry or mature skin.  It is safe for use on skin prone to all types of acne and can also be used on skin that is not prone to acne.

  • Jynifer Beauty™ Velvet Glow Mineral Toner


    Jynifer Beauty™ Velvet Glow Mineral Toner unlocks the ocean’s anti-aging secrets with Ocean Minerals Toning Mist! Packed with phyto-chemicals, 92+ minerals, micro minerals, structured water, and polysaccharides, this magical elixir nourishes and restores your skin. Achieve balanced, dewy, and glowing skin with this bioavailable formula. Use it alone as a refreshing spritzer throughout the day or in combination with our other formulations. Experience the wonders of age spots vanishing, wrinkles filling in, collagen boosting, and radiant skin that glows. Cheers to beautiful skin!

  • The Velvet Gentleman™ by Jynifer Beauty™ Voss Grooming-Gentle Clarifying Toner


    This natural clarifying astringent is a skin balancing, acne fighting powerful gentle all-in-one product. AHAs gently exfoliate while fruit acids balance your skin tone. Black Willowbark provides naturally occurring salicylic acid to fight the causes of acne. This astringent does the job without stripping your skin and causing excessively dry or oily skin. DMAE gives your skin a tight and polished appearance while the essential oils get to the root of acne. This step closes the pores, adjusts the pH of the skin and removes any remaining cleanser or dirt from the skin and is perfect to use as a gentle post after shave.